Planning, design and restoration of the quarries of S&B Industrial Minerals S.A. in Milos Island

Industry: Mining – Waste management
Location: Greece
Duration: 2006 – 2011

This is a series of ongoing projects that involves the design and lisence management of the numerous quarries of S&B Industrial Minerals in the island of Milos. This also involves the precise planning of monthly and yearly quotas of the appropriate minerals, to cover the needs of the company’s production units in the area of Boudia.
Finally, a number of desk studies needed to be performed that would elaborate on the complete restoration of the excavation sites and would entail detailed planning for the quarries’ waste management. Such studies were performed for the following sites:

  • Bentonite quarry at Aggeria
  • Bentonite quarry at Ag. Eirini
  • Bentonite quarry at Aspro Horio
  • Bentonite quarry at Grilia
  • Bentonite quarry at Zoulia
  • Bentonite quarry at Koufi
  • Kaoline quarry at Kastriani
  • Perlite quarry at Trahilas
  • Perlite quarry at Tsigrado

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