King George Palace luxury hotel


Industry: Tourism - Luxury hotel renovation & licensing
Location: Greece
Duration: 4 months (2002)

King George Hotel has been operating since 1935 in the heart of Athens, in Syntagma Square (across the Parliament). It was abandoned in the 80s, but currently it has been renovated and is now a luxury 5 star hotel, that can accommodate 234 guests.

The hotel currently is under the management of Grecotel, one of the most prominent leaders currently in Greek Tourism

Energy Mining Enviro undertook the licensing process for the renovation and operation of the new facilities. Based on our firm’s studies the entire building was essentially remodeled so as to comply with the highest standards set by the Greek Tourism Organisation.

The renovations would entail the reinforcement of the understructure and the foundations of the entire building, The remodeling of the facilities, lounges and recreational areas and the complete restructuring of the guest rooms and the inclusion of more luxury suites

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