Green field exploration and mine planning for TITAN CEMENT S.A. – ANTEA

Industry: Mining - Deposit exploration
Location: Albania
Duration: 8 months (2007 – 2008)

Following the request of ANTEA, Energy Mining Enviro undertook the project of investigating a series of green field areas/sites for gypsum, kaolin, tuffs. The project of surveying suitable raw materials for the cement production in ANTEA Cement Plant was initiated in June 07 with the reconnaissance of potential areas by the Geo-Team of ANTEA and was followed through by EME’s Mining Projects for

  • 4 areas of gypsum ( at the areas of Dumrea Gesterre, Dumrea Kosove, Manskuria and Bellova),
  • 3 areas of kaoline (at the areas of Vigus, Dedaj and Korthpula) and
  • 1 area of tuffs (area of Jomen).

Surveys were performed in some additional areas that were ultimately rejected since mining restrictions and/or limited reserves were adverse factors for the quarry potential. All mining projects were the categorized and prioritized.
The potential of all sites was explored by EME, which included:

  • the calculation of reserves,
  • a precise mining plan which provided the optimal mining method to procure maximum yield
  • Design of all infrastructures that ware needed

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